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Hi, I'm Jarvis Buckman, an experienced finance professional.

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Jarvis Buckman is a finance professional with expertise in distressed debt strategy, credit structuring, fixed income strategy and institutional sales/trading.   A recipient of the Bill and Melinda Gates Millennial Scholarship, Jarvis graduated from Columbia University in 2003 with a B.S. in Industrial Engineering and a B.A. in Economics.    Over the course of his career, Jarvis has executed billions of dollars in investor-friendly transactions and directly helped to generate over $100mm in revenue. He has also taken the initiative to revamp existing trade platforms and expand their revenue opportunities, particularly through the diversification of professional relationships.   Jarvis' first position after Columbia was as an analyst on the Credit Hybrid Products team at JPMorgan Chase & Co. After structuring synthetic CDO products and assisting in building a multi-billion dollar product platform for customized structured notes over the course of three years, Jarvis was promoted to associate.   After his time at JPM, Jarvis became vice president of the Structured Products teams at Societe Generale Americas Securities (SG) and Credit Agricole (CA). While at SG, Jarvis developed a brand new strategy that revolutionized the team's product capibilities which resulted in $5 million in revenue in the second half of 2006.   His time at CA was no less impressive. While there, Jarvis boosted the company's index correlation business to a top 5 position on Wall Street league tables in terms of notional trading.   During his time as a structured poducts professional, Jarvis worked on close to 100 accounts, executing over $30 billion in transactions and worked across numerous client segments.   Jarvis, always eager to learn more, then went back to Columbia to earn his MBA in Finance from Columbia Business School.   Afterwards, Jarvis became a distressed analyst at Credit Suisse, where he oversaw all aspects of the company's bankruptcy claim trading activity. As distressed analyst, Jarvis also advised the trading desk on risk management of existing positions while also identifying new strategic opportunities to benefit both clients and the franchise.    Jarvis has always emphasized the importance of education, and now he plans to get more involved in nonprofit work that benefits teachers and students alike. Education is of the utmost significance to contemporary society and Jarvis recognizes it as such. By creating an educational environment that students from all backgrounds can take advantage of, we are molding the leaders of tomorrow.   Jarvis is intimately familiar with the classroom. Both his wife and sister are career-long educators, and Jarvis himself has taught personal finance classes for students looking to expand their repertoire. By familiarizing students with both macro-trends and individual management skills, he is versing them in financial literacy, a truly invaluable skill.   Jarvis currently serves as the Director of Special Situations for Parabellum Capital, LLC in New York.

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